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About UK Schools

Our UK schools database covers ALL types of schools in the UK – State Schools, Independent Schools, Special Needs Schools, Early Years establishments, Academies, Specialist Schools, Free Schools – indeed we cover all types of schools and educational establishments in the UK and we continually strive to ensure we are always bang up-to-date with all of them.

Simply ask us for a count and breakdown of the schools and teachers you want to reach and we will help you reach them most effectively – or we will help you to select the relevant ones, if that is easier.

Schools in the UK are typically State or Independent Schools, with the former being mainly funded by the State/Government in each country and the latter being mainly independently funded and managed. However, there are some variances to this (where schools are partly state and partly independently funded – such as Academies) so if you are not clear please do ask us for our advice.

Changes happen to UK schools quite frequently, so we are always happy to help you target the schools and establishments most relevant to your products and services.

Here are some current breakdowns of UK schools, nurseries and other education establishments (please note these are for guideline only, please do ask us for up-to-date counts and breakdowns when you need them, thank you).

  • Total number of state, academy and independent schools in the UK c. 30,100
  • (includes schools for children with special educational needs)
  • Primary sector schools (typically teaching children up to 11 or 12 years) c. 22,275
  • Secondary sector schools (typically teaching children up to 16 or 18 years) c. 6,027
  • Number of Academy & Free Schools c. 4,795
  • Number of Independent Schools and education establishments in the UK c. 3,082

We have over 50 combined years experience in direct postal marketing and email marketing to schools and teachers by name, so do ask us for our help.

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