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Email technical and format requirements

We can accept any basic .htm file, but we prefer NOT to accept CSS files as there can be various rendering issues with them - please do check with us first as we my need to add time to our standard processing times if we need to work with certain CSS files.

If clients prefer we can put together the html email from the individual components supplied by them:

  • Copy to be supplied as MS Word/Notepad or please ask us for alternative options accepted.
  • Images/photos (as .jpeg, .gif, .png files - but NOT .psd or.bmp files please).
  • No problem in resizing any images.
  • Resolution: typically a minimum of 72 dpi is required.
  • Once a campaign is booked in with us, a draft of your email will always be sent to you for approval and sign-off, before your campaign is set up ready to send out.

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