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Emailing UK Schools - with Named Teaching Contacts in the subject line

With this service, we send your email campaign out to the generic school email address at your selection from over 38k schools, nurseries and colleges across the UK – with the email addressed (in the subject line and body of the email) to your choice of Named Subject Teachers or School Management Staff, selected from our database of over 500,000 Named Contacts available.

We can send your email campaigns out to these schools on your behalf – together with all opens and click-thrus campaign reporting - or we can supply the generic school email data together with the named contacts directly to you, so you can send the email out yourself.

The choice is always yours.

Remember, we are always be happy to help and advise on any aspect of emailing schools or teachers, whether we are sending the email campaign out for you, or whether you are sending the campaign out yourself, using our schools marketing data.

Please do ask for our help, we are always delighted to give it!

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