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Free Laptops 4 Schools – Leading the way in emailing Teachers

In January 2010 we launched the National 'email read and reward incentive' for all UK Schools and Teachers, called FreeLaptops4Schools (

FreeLaptops4Schools rewards teachers and school management staff with an entry into our weekly prize draw - giving them the chance to win a free laptop or tablet - every time they open one of our clients' email marketing campaigns.

This "up front" offer we have made to teachers means that in return for agreeing to receive and open a number of managed email campaigns sent on behalf of our clients each week (we manage the volume of email campaigns sent to contacts in each subject and management area each week) these email recipients will be entered into our weekly prize draw, every time they open an email sent on behalf of our clients, that week.

Teachers are marketing savvy and they know they are working in a vibrant and changing UK education market, with a wide range of resources being consumed every day, and they know that advertisers want to reach them, so we decided to encourage Teachers to open and read the emails we send to them on behalf of our clients, by offering them an incentive for doing so.

FreeLaptops4Schools has already generated over 450,000 Teachers Individual Email addresses for use in our clients email marketing campaigns and as we push forward with more incentives to Teachers, we expect these individual email volumes to continue to grow.

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