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Postal/Telephone Marketing Data Supply

Supplying email, postal or telephone marketing Data directly to you, or use our email campaign set-up and sending services.

The Schools Marketing Database contains details on all Schools, Colleges and Nurseries throughout the UK and with details on over 500,000 Named Teachers and School Management staff at these establishments for you to choose from, we can help you target your marketing campaigns most effectively.

We work with our clients in 2 main ways:

  1. We can either supply schools email and/or postal marketing data & information directly to you (be this email* postal or telephone marketing data) so you can carry out your own marketing campaigns in-house yourself:

    * We only supply our generic school email data directly to clients and third parties, we do not supply our teachers individual email address data directly to clients or third parties, due to the terms under which we collect that particular data type. However, we can send your email campaign out to Teachers Individual Emails using our in-house email campaign service.


  2. We can put your email marketing campaigns together for you, including the design and layout in HTML and text too (if required) and send your email campaign out to schools and teachers on your behalf, with all opens and click-thrus reporting provided post-campaign too.

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The Schools Marketing Company is the market leader in supplying accurate email and postal data for your marketing campaigns to UK Schools and Teachers.

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